Dear Friends,
Nine months ago, I announced that Alakazam Toys was for sale. Today I am announcing here the news of the final sale of Alakazam Toys to my successor, Ellen Joy. Ellen is a Charlottesville resident, mother of two young children, and recent graduate of the Entrepreneur Workshop of CIC.
I am very happy with the sale, because I know Ellen will carry on my legacy in the spirit of what I created, fifteen  years ago. The store will continue to operate as “Alakazam Toys & Gifts ” and to be a source of childhood imagination, learning and discovery for generations of children, parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, and friends to come.
Leaving my shop is a monumental change for me. As I begin to reimagine my life from this crossroads onward, I look forward to spending more time with friends & family here in Charlottesville, California and Brooklyn, as well as exploring my interests of hiking, yoga, gardening and music.
I will truly miss the friendships, my business & jokester/patron community and so many other creative delights the store has bestowed upon me.  My dream of  living the life of an entrepreneur came true perfectly- thanks to all of you! I hope to see  you around our beloved town.
With Gratitude and Best Wishes
Cassandra Mathis